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>Chapter 3

Orange Mango

Growing up, our kitchen was always stocked with two fruits - oranges and mangoes. So naturally, this was the first hard seltzer we came out with. A natural and balanced blend of the orange “citrus” and mango "sweetness," with neither fruit more overpowering than the other.

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Pineapple Ginger

Pineapple Ginger, A.K.A. the "P.G." a.k.a. the "Pin-Gin."Our pineapple ginger hard seltzer marries the tropical notes of pineapple with a subtle kick from the ginger. Here to prove to you that sometimes you can get the best of both worlds.

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Watermelon Cucumber

Quite simply two of our favorite ingredients in any cocktail, the Watermelon and Cucumber is a perfectly refreshing hard seltzer, perfect for elevating any occasion. Sort of like a fancy gin and tonic, but at the family BBQ. Pinkies up for this one. 

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Peach Berry

Ever feel like you want a seltzer to just kick back, relax, zen out, and enjoy the sun? Our Peach Berry offers a brilliant balance of fresh white peaches on the aroma, with a variety of fresh berries dominating the taste. Clean, crisp, simple.

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Black Cherry Lemon

Bold. Adventurous. Not your typical black cherry seltzer. It’s easy to see why our black cherry lemon is one of our most popular. Catch notes of the elegant sweetness of black cherries, balanced perfectly by the mild acidity of fresh lemons. Simultaneously our most sessionable and most ambitious flavor.

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Grapefruit Kiwi

Our Grapefruit Kiwi is, simply put, summer in a can. Tropical and citrus notes coming from the grapefruit are complemented by kiwi's fresh sweetness, perfectly balancing both taste and aroma. 

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Happy Coffee Pumpkin

Our first ever seasonal release. We set out to create a drink that would be rich in taste like your favorite seasonal beer, but low in calories like your favorite hard seltzer. Made with 100% Colombian coffee, and with notes of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and cinnamon. Nitro infused, for a pour and mouth feel similar to your favorite stout beer. Each can comes in at 5.2% ABV, is entirely gluten free and dairy free, and is only 130 calories per 16oz serving.

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Fruit Punch Variety Pack

Our third Variety Pack; Nostalgia, and the third chapter of our brands story. A one of a kind seltzer made with real fruit juice, triple filtered gluten free alcohol, and natural flavors 

Contains 4 Original Fruit Punch, 4 Watermelon Punch, and 4 Mango Punch.

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